The OSLO-CoMet study

The Oslo-CoMet study (PIs: Edwin, Flatmark) is one of the recent establishments in our research network, providing resected metastasis specimens from CRC patients with liver-confined disease treated at OUS, which delivers this service to the HSØ health region. At present, more than 200 of the planned 360 patients have been enrolled. Ongoing activity: The study will provide a uniquely large collection of liver metastasis samples, and represents an exceptional opportunity to identify drivers of the metastatic process in CRC by applying multilevel molecular characterization. Large-scale genomic and transcriptomic analyses have been initiated. results from analyses performed in the CoMet cohort will be studied in concert with multilevel molecular studies performed in parallel in other cohorts of CRC metastasis: Hypothesizing that the biology of CRC is decisive for the organ-specific pattern of spread, we will characterize molecular features of metastatic tumors resected from the peritoneal cavity, lung, or brain. Specimens from several cohorts will be used; the consecutive PC-CRC biobank (currently 150 cases), the PC multiple-site biopsy biobank from the ImmunoPeCa study, and the biobanks of consecutively compiled metastases resected from lung and brain; all being established at OUS-NRH.


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