Clinical and translational cancer research

Svein Dueland, MD, PhD

Position: Oncologist, Oslo University Hospital

Research interest: Liver transplantation in Colorectal Cancer. The research group at Department of Transplantation Medicine have investigated the potential and developed new treatment options for liver transplantation in patients with colorectal liver metastases. Moreover, Dueland is PI of the research project concerning dendritic vaccine therapy in prostate cancer. The project aims at developing new treatment for patients with prostate cancer. Moreover, the group is also involved in a recent study with peptide based cancer vaccine treatment given together with standard adjuvant treatment in patients with pancreatic cancer. The vaccine attacks mutations in the RAS gene and consists of several different peptides which covers the most common mutations in pancreatic cancer (80 -90% of all pancreatic cancer patients have RAS mutation in the cancer cells).

In the LARC-RRP (Locally Advanced Rectal Cancer – Radiation Response Prediction) project Svein Dueland is the principle investigator together with Anne Hansen Ree and Kjersti Flatmark. This project aims at study tumour hypoxia in therapy resistance and metastasis development in patients with rectal cancer. Using kinase activity array technology for biomarker identification, specific kinase activity was observed in tumours from study patients with poor chemo radiotherapy response and metastasis development. The results from these projects will be used to elucidate actionable therapy targets in future studies.

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