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Clinical and Molecular Oncology in ColoRectal Cancer

Akershus University Hospital

The CMOR group aims to improve disease outcome for colorectal cancer patients by developing existing and new therapeutic strategies. Tumor hypoxia (deficiency in tissue oxygenation) is recognized as a main mechanism of tumor resistance to cytotoxic therapies, including radiotherapy, and is a major driving force behind metastatic and, incurable disease. Through both experimental laboratory models and clinical studies the group investigates the role of tumor hypoxia in therapy resistance and metastatic progression by employing multiparametric approaches, combining molecular and functional information in order both to portray tumor heterogeneity and facilitate patient treatment stratification. Currently, the group has a particular focus on developing novel predictive and prognostic biomarkers of treatment efficacy and toxicity based on circulating factors and by using state-of-the-art functional imaging (magnetic resonance imaging).


Anne Hansen Ree, Professor, MD, PhD

Position: Group leader, Professor of Oncology, University of Oslo; Consultant Oncologist, Akershus University Hospital

Research interests:Translational treatment studies of targeted therapeutics and radiotherapy in advanced colorectal cancer with correlative biomarker investigations of treatment efficacy and toxicity using molecular, metabolic, and imaging approaches. Mechanistic studies on the role of tumour hypoxia in clinical and experimental colorectal carcinoma models.
Kathrine Røe Redalen, PhD

Position: Senior Scientist

Research interests: Tumor hypoxia and its relevance to disease progression, therapy resistance and metastasis. Functional imaging (MRI, PET) methodologies for detection of hypoxia-mediated cancer aggressiveness, and for evaluation and prediction of therapy response. Circulating biomarkers for prediction of therapy failure and metastatic propensity. Targeted cancer therapies. Molecular radiobiology (kinase activity, exosomes, miRNAs).
Hanne Hamre, MD, PhD

Position: Consultant medical and radiation oncologist, Akershus University Hospital

Research interest: Clinical development of new anti-cancer drugs. Clinical phase II and III trials in medical oncology. Long term side effects after oncological treatment.
Hanna Abrahamsson, MD

Position: PhD Student

PhD Project: Circulating biomarkers of treatment efficacy and tolerability (toxicity) in rectal cancer. Working on material from the LARC-RRP and OxyTarget studies. Co-responsible (together with Sebastian) for inclusion of patients in the OxyTarget study.
Simer Jit Bains, MD PhD

Position: Postdoc

Research interests: Translational research in colorectal cancer and immuno-oncology. To find biomarkers to predict efficiency of immunotherapy in colorectal cancer. Epidemiology with retrospective observational cohort studies in colorectal cancer.
Kine Bakke, PhD

Position: Post Doc

PhD Project: Functional MR imaging for prediction of therapeutic outcome and evaluation of treatment response in rectal cancer. Functional MR imaging for identification of novel, non-invasive biomarkers of tumour hypoxia. Application of MR image analysis tools, biostatistical analysis and multi-parametric prediction models.
Tonje Bjørnetrø, PhD

Position: Post-Doc

PhD Project: Exosomes – biomarkers of hypoxia-induced rectal cancer aggressiveness? Are exosomes carriers of biological information of hypoxia-induced cancer aggressiveness? Are exosomes actors in the metastatic process? Can exosomes become new biomarkers in colorectal cancer?
Paula Bousquet, PhD

Position: Postdoc

Research interests: Mitochondrial function and metabolic alterations associated with tumor hypoxia. Description of mitochondrial DNA dynamics (damage/repair and mutation) in colorectal cancer cell lines and serum samples from study patients. mtDNA modifications as potential circulating biomarker of tumor hypoxia. mtDNA sequencing.
Anniken Jørlo Fuglestad, MD

Position: PhD Student

Research interests: 1. Prognostic role of C-Reactive Protein (CRP) and Glasgow Prognostic Score (GPS) in colorectal cancer; 2. Use of circulating mtDNA and CRP/GPS for patient stratification in colorectal cancer.
Christin Johansen, RN

Position: Study Nurse

Research interest: Patient accrual and care in various translational and clinical trials in colorectal cancer, such as the Metimmox study, MetAction and CapStudien.
Erta Kalanxhi, PhD

Position: Postdoc

Research interests: To understand the mechanisms of action and toxicity of molecularly targeted cancer therapeutics and find novel biomarkers of treatment efficacy and toxicity by combining genomic and proteomic clinical data, which provides invaluable 'real-life' information, and basic scientific research.
Sebastian Meltzer, MD, PhD

Position: Post-Doc

PhD Project: Circulating biomarkers of tumor hypoxia in rectal cancer: 1. Inclusion of patients in the ongoing OxyTarget study, to look at functional MRI as a tool for revealing tumor hypoxia; 2. Data-mining, to look at already existing data from the completed LARC-RRP study, with 5 years of follow-up of more than 100 patients; 3. Laboratory -experiments, to look at colorectal cancer cell lines in order to verify findings from the clinical studies.
Linn Reichborn, MD

Position: PhD Student
Thale Dawn Patrick-Brown, MSc, MIET

Position: Research Coordinator

Research Interests: Epidemiology; anatomy and physiology; protein expression in epithelial tissue; coding and programming of websites (hello world!).
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