Congratulations Hanna!

Acredit’s newest PhD, Dr Hanna Abrahamsson, successfully defended her doctorate entitled “Vitamin D Status and Immune Responsiveness in High-Risk and Advanced Colorectal Cancer” on 27th May 2021. Hanna also gave a trial lecture entitled “Epidemiology and oncological therapy of pancreatic cancer“. We are very proud of Hanna!

Special thanks are extended to Hanna’s opponents, Professor Per Pfeiffer, Trude Eid Robsahm, and Associate Professor Anita Sveen. The chair of the defence was Professor Trygve Holmøy. Hanna was supervised by Professor Anne Hansen Ree, and was co-supervised by Dr Alina C. Porojnicu, Dr Paula A. Bousquet, Dr Lise Lund-Berven, and Prof Kathrine Røe Redalen.

You can read more information about Hanna’s defence here.