EV Phenotype Impact and Function of Monocytes in CRC

New research looking at the impact of tumor-derived extracellular vesicles (EVs) on the phenotype and function of monocytes has been published by Acredit ’s Dr Tonje Bjørnetrø, colleagues from the Acredit network and the Blood Cell Research Group at Ullevål.

Tumor-derived EVs may act as mediators of immune and inflammatory responses essential for the metastatic progression of colorectal cancer. In this paper, Tonje compared how cultured human monocytes responded to incubation with plasma EVs from patients with localized or metastatic rectal cancer. Specifically, metastatic disease EVs caused monocyte responses supporting their survival, motility, and metabolism. The findings are of relevance to the field of colorectal cancer research and the effects of tumour EVs on the TME.

Read Tonje’s paper here.