New paper highlights value of circulating FLT3LG in immunogenic response to chemotherapy

An Editorial written by the Kroemer group from the Gustave Roussy Comprehensive Cancer Institute highlights the recent research by Anne Hansen Ree’s group, including Erta Kalanxhi and Hanna Abrahamsson, on circulating markers of disease progression and prognosis in colorectal cancer patients. The article by Pol et al outlines the importance of the work being undertaken in the Acredit research network into markers of immune activation response in patients undergoing chemotherapeutic treatments for early advanced colorectal cancers. The article outlines that the recent findings by Anne’s group identifying the immune factor FLT3LG as key marker of immunogenic response appear to be overwhelming in favour of the potential for use of FLT3LG as a blood test in diagnostic work-up and treatment follow-up.

The paper, published by Oncoimmunology, may be read here.