Conversion of CLM using HAI

A new paper has been published by ACREDIT’s Dr Hanna Abrahamsson looking into the conversion of primarily unresectable liver metastases from colorectal cancer to resectable disease. Dr Abrahamsson looked at circulating FLT3LG in patients who had been considered to have unresectable liver metastases before, during and after their treatment with oxaliplatin given as hepatic arterial infusion (HAI). The study showed that patients who had a more rapid response to the treatment through an immediate doubling of circulating FLT3LG and conversion of metastases to resectable disease, were more likely to experience a durable disease-free status. Patients who had a slower accretion of FLT3LG or who were not able to convert their disease later succumbed to metastatic disease. The findings support our previous research showing that tumour-directed immunity caused by oxaliplatin-containing therapies is a good predictor of positive outcome from early advanced colorectal cancer where macroscopic tumour ablation is able to be induced using “classic” tumour response to cytotoxic therapy.

You can read Hanna’s paper here.