Another Successful Disputas for Acredit!

On 13th December, Acredit’s Kine Bakke has successfully defended her Ph.D. thesis “Assessing cancer aggressiveness by functional magnetic resonance imaging at the Small Physics auditorium in the Physics Building at the University of Oslo. 

Kine gave an interesting public lecture on the use of MRI of determining oxygen deficiency (hypoxia) in tumours, followed by her defense which focused on her research into the use of MRI for determining the overall risk to a patient based on blood flow in the primary tumour. Kine’s most recent paper, “Comparison of Intravoxel incoherent motion imaging and multiecho dynamic contrast-based MRI in rectal cancer”, can be found here.

Kine’s committee members included Professor David L. Buckley (University of Leeds, UK), Associate Professor Catherine Coolens (University of Toronto, Canada) and Associate Professor Arnt Inge Vistnes (University of Oslo, Norway).

Congratulations Kine!