Acredit Presents at AACR

Research from the Acredit team has been presented at the annual AACR meeting in Georgia, USA. Acredit members Kjersti Flatmark and Sebastian Meltzer both presented posters during the 1st April poster session, which were well-received by the audience at the meeting.

Kjersti presented her poster “Neoadjuvant chemotherapy promotes a transient increase of intratumoral T-cell density in microsatellite stable colorectal liver metastases”. Kjersti’s research showed that the administration of neoadjuvant chemotherapy appeared to promote a increase in the number of T-cells found inside the tumour margins, but only within a given window of time. The research suggests that the timing of treatments may be more important than originally thought, and that optimisation of treatment schedules may be one of the keys to personalisation of therapy. (Link to Kjersti’s abstract)

Sebastian presented his poster entitled “Circulating angiogenic factors predict metastatic liver progression in rectal cancer patients given curative-intent oxaliplatin-containing neoadjuvant therapy”. Sebastian’s work has found that patients who exhibited higher ANGPT2 and TEK levels in blood taken at time of diagnosis were more likely to suffer liver metastases later. Sebastian notes that this may indicate that adding anti-angiogenic drugs to the treatment regime of these patients could help in their recovery process. (Link to Sebastian’s abstract)

Congratulations to both Sebastian and Kjersti on their successful presentations!