Estro 36 Conference 5-9 May 2017

CMOR will be numerously presented at the ESTRO conference in Vienna this year.

Anne Hansen Ree is invited to give a teaching lecture “Targeting histones and epigenetic mechanisms in radiation biology and oncology”.

Kathrine Røe Redalen is invited to give a teaching lecture “Extracellular vesicles in radiation oncology”. Kathrine has also recently been elected member of Estro Young Comitee and will be Chair for Young Track at this conference.

PhD student Sebastian Meltzer has been selected to present an Oral profferred paper “Circulating exosomal miRNA related to chemoradiotherapy outcome in locally advanced rectal cancer” and will also present a poster “Circulating angiogenesis factors predicting poor chemoradiotherapy outcome in rectal cancer”.

Medical student Imon Barua will present the poster “Mechanisms of normal tissue toxicity from SAHA, an HDAC inhibitor and radiosensitizer” . In addition has he been invited to present a clinical rectal cancer case and discuss this with a senior expert at the Young Track in the symposium “”Young ESTRO meets ESTRO School”.