Agile Project Management Workshop

The Acredit workshop “Agile Project Management” developed by Vibeke Binz Vallevik and with assistance from Jon Eivind Thrane, both from healthcare research team DNV GL was held at Voksenåsen on 23 November 2016.

The workshop was split into two parts, one theoretical and one practical. The workshop gave a high level introduction to agile project management through theory and practical exercises and after the workshop the participants were equipped to reflect on how the principles, tools or methods from agile development could be applied. The participants practiced their new knowledge by making a town based on changing criteria with lego blocks using agile project management theory.

First Jon Eivind Thrane showed how to put up a “war room board” for tasks.
Building the town based on the criteria given (Vibeke is watching).
Anne is explaining why her group has the best solution to the project given to us by Vibeke and Jon Eivind.
Markus and Kjersti are arguing why their group has the best solution for the task.