ACREDIT Receives Funding from the Norwegian Cancer Association

On Friday the 30th of October 2015 the Norwegian Cancer Society published their list of cancer researchers that will get funding for the next years and where the Acredit network received a considerable amount of support.

Anne utdeling fra kreftforeningen
Anne Lise Ryel from the Norwegian Cancer Society (Kreftforeningen) together with Anne Hansen Ree from Akershus University Hospital

“The support from the Norwegian Cancer Society means a lot for our research and especially for the young researchers”, states Anne Hansen Ree.

The CMOR group led by Anne received a total of 5 700 000 NOK which included support for technical staff, running costs and a Career Development Grant (Kvalifiserings stipend). Moreover, the Translational Cancer Therapy group headed by Kjersti Flatmark received important funding for running costs. Altogether, the funding support from the Norwegian Cancer Society will allow important research projects to continue and new ones to be started.

Success for Young Researchers
Being a young researcher means that you have to be able to show promising results of your research in order to be eligible for further funding. It is a tough competition with low success rate and the Acredit network is proud to announce that Kathrine Røe Redalen made it and will receive a Career Development Grant (Kvalifiseringsstipend) from the Norwegian Cancer Society. Kathrine aims to develop an image-based tool to map individual biological differences in rectal cancer in order to facilitate improved and more individualised treatment.