ACREDIT Attends 3rd ESTRO Forum, Barcelona

Three members from the Acredit network participated in the 3rd ESTRO FORUM 24-28 April 2015 in Barcelona, Spain. The ESTRO Forum was a big success with about 5,000 participants and nearly 90 exhibitors. It gathered all the active members in the fields of radiation oncology, medical physics, radiation biology, radiation therapy and brachytherapy. The forum focused on the optimisation of treatment, building on technical developments specific to imaging and radiation therapy, and the optimisation of combined modality approaches and quality of life.

Abstracts presented by ACREDIT members:

Prediction of response to neoadjuvant chemotherapy followed by chemoradiotherapy in rectal cancer by MRI volumetry T. Seierstad, K.H. Hole, K.K. Grøholt, S. Dueland, A.H. Ree, K. Flatmark, K. Røe

Quantitative diffusion-weighted MRI of rectal cancer is strongly influenced by the choice of b-values M. Bornstein, A. Negård, S.H. Holmedal, A.S. Borthne, A.H. Ree, K. Røe